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Let's Talk Battle Rap: Chilla Jones Deconstruciton of round Vs. Real Deal

Before the upcoming rematch, we take a look back at the 1st Chilla Jones vs. Real Deal matchup via a round breakdown along with talk on a bunch of other topics.

Time table

00:00 Goodz vs Cassidy thoughts

3:30 How his battle with Real Deal was set up

6:00 Chilla talks about his possible opponents for the chain

9:00 Not being on the Town Bidness card

11:15 Chilla Jones vs Steams

12:00 Writers Bloque vs Team Homi

14:30 Current state of Writers Bloque

17:00 Chilla Jones vs. Rum Nitty?

20:00 Where is the title match going to take place?

25:00 Real Deal being the toughest opponent he's had to prepare for

27:45 Chilla being perceived as "boring"

38:45 Changing material based on where he's performing

41:15 Switching up his style against Gjonaj

49:00 Did Chilla know he was going to win the chain?

54:15 How did Chilla become a lyricst?

57:15 How Chilla comes up with some of his wordplay

1:03:00 Not watching battles anymore

1:06:00 Running bars by Mickey Factz before his battles

1:12:45 Writing too intricately

1:19:45 Going back and rewriting lines 

1:24:00 Coming up with schemes

1:26:00 People not scheming right

1:27:30 Chilla gives his list of battlers who are scheming well

1:29:00 The non Chilla scheme he's heard

1:34:00 How to pick a closing line

1:35:30 Why Real Deal is so dope

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Where's Buffy Podcast: Chilla Jones Interview

The King Pen, Chilla Jones calls into the Where's Buffy Podcast and talks to the Built for comfort and not for speed boys about scheming, Bosstown, his crew Writers Bloque, what got him into battling. He also talks his 2015 and who he felt was battler of the year, and talks a little sports and upcoming battles. Check other episodes at

Posted on March 7, 2016 and filed under Interviews.