Let's Talk Battle Rap: Chilla Jones Deconstruciton of round Vs. Real Deal

Before the upcoming rematch, we take a look back at the 1st Chilla Jones vs. Real Deal matchup via a round breakdown along with talk on a bunch of other topics.

Time table

00:00 Goodz vs Cassidy thoughts

3:30 How his battle with Real Deal was set up

6:00 Chilla talks about his possible opponents for the chain

9:00 Not being on the Town Bidness card

11:15 Chilla Jones vs Steams

12:00 Writers Bloque vs Team Homi

14:30 Current state of Writers Bloque

17:00 Chilla Jones vs. Rum Nitty?

20:00 Where is the title match going to take place?

25:00 Real Deal being the toughest opponent he's had to prepare for

27:45 Chilla being perceived as "boring"

38:45 Changing material based on where he's performing

41:15 Switching up his style against Gjonaj

49:00 Did Chilla know he was going to win the chain?

54:15 How did Chilla become a lyricst?

57:15 How Chilla comes up with some of his wordplay

1:03:00 Not watching battles anymore

1:06:00 Running bars by Mickey Factz before his battles

1:12:45 Writing too intricately

1:19:45 Going back and rewriting lines 

1:24:00 Coming up with schemes

1:26:00 People not scheming right

1:27:30 Chilla gives his list of battlers who are scheming well

1:29:00 The non Chilla scheme he's heard

1:34:00 How to pick a closing line

1:35:30 Why Real Deal is so dope

Posted on July 16, 2019 and filed under Battles.