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Chilla Jones Reviews Dizaster vs. Cassidy

Chilla Jones did a Write up for bringing his full on personal review of the Dizaster Vs. Cassidy battle..check out a piece of it below!

Round 1

In the first, Dizaster begins by talking a little about the previous night’s events. A few bars later he switches into a monster rhyme scheme that he carries on for about 32 bars, showing flashes of vintage Dizaster. My favorite bar from Diz in his first round was the “You got famous for killing a Freeway and then a freeway almost killed you” bar. I appreciate that bar because in this era of wordplay and indirect material (that even I am occasionally guilty of) that’s one of those super direct bars that ONLY applies to Cassidy, a definite haymaker and in my opinion his heaviest bar in that round. Overall, a decent, but beatable round.

Cassidy starts off also with talking about the previous night’s events before getting into his bars. Instantly I notice one thing about Cassidy that stands out, which is his poise. Compared to Dizaster, he looks comfortable and unphased by any of his surroundings. He, not Dizaster, looks like the battle veteran that has been in 60 filmed battles and has spent the last four years travelling the globe, taking on the world’s best. In my opinion, this allowed Cassidy to come off a lot cleaner and more polished than Dizaster. He ends the round with a spot-on impression of Dizaster. Whether or not you thought it was well done, I think most of us appreciated the idea of it more than the execution because we realize that it meant Cass had actually studied Diz, and put effort into learning his style.

For me, he had just enough to edge the first round. But if you had higher expectations for Cass, I’d expect you gave Round 1 to Dizaster.

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